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Indianlalaji.com is a Ecommerce Website or App Management Company, this is Designed for Small Businesses to avoid Problems with Billing, Inventory Management, Report Requirements and Many More!! The Goal is to Make a Businessman’s Daily Routine Less Tiring, Manage Records in Less Time and Take the Stress of Managing Records through Bookkeeping.

Our online platform is safe and secure for the users and handlers to process payment related transactions.

Founder Or Co- Partner

IndianLalaji.com was founded by Mr. Rahul Kumar with a vision to bridge the gap between businesses and their potential customers in Hindustan. CEO Rahul Kumar and Co-partner Arun Mehra are both committed entrepreneurs with years of experience in the e-commerce and web development industries. Their expertise and dedication have been vital to the success of IndianLalaji.com.

PageGuru.in is the parent company of IndianLalaji. In simpler terms, this means that PageGuru.in owns and oversees the operations of IndianLalaji. Just like how a parent takes care of their child, PageGuru.in takes care of IndianLalaji.”

Think of PageGuru.in as the big company in charge. They make the important decisions and provide support to IndianLalaji. It’s like a family where the parent company (PageGuru.in) guides and helps the child company (IndianLalaji) to grow and succeed.IndianLalaji, on the other hand, is like the child in this business relationship. It’s a separate company, but it’s connected to PageGuru.in because PageGuru.in is the one that created it or has significant control over it.So, when you hear that PageGuru.in is the parent company of IndianLalaji, it means PageGuru.in is the big boss that looks after and manages IndianLalaji to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to their business plans.